Dave Davies has had a very up and down life over the last decade dealing with illness and feuds with his brother and fellow bandmember in the Kinks, Ray Davies.

Dave played his first show in the U.K. in thirteen years on Friday at the Barbican Hall in London with a set of mainly Kinks material. Twelve (13 if you count Death of a Clown which was both a Kinks and solo song) of the 19 songs in the set came from the British band's legacy while he added a smattering of songs from his own solo career including three singles from the late-60's, over a decade before he would release his first solo album.

Main Set

•I Need You (b-side of the Kinks' single Set Me Free, 1965)
•She's Got Everything (b-side of the Kinks' single Days, 1968)
•Little Green Amp (from I Will Be Me, 2013)
•Creeping Jean (b-side of single Hold My Hand, 1969)
•Tired of Waiting for You (from the Kinks' Kinda Kinks, (U.K., 1965), Kinks-Size (U.S., 1965)
•Susannah's Still Alive (solo single, 1967)
•See My Friends (Kinks' single (U.K., 1965), from the Kinks' Kinkdom (U.S., 1965))
•Strangers (from the Kinks' Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One, 1970)
•Flowers in the Rain (from Bug, 2002)
•Young and Innocent Days (from the Kinks' Arthur (or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire), 1969)
•Death of a Clown (solo single, 1967, from the Kinks' Something Else by the Kinks, 1967)
•The Healing Boy (from I Will Be Me, 2013)
•Dead End Street (Kinks' single, 1966)
•Living on a Thin Line (from the Kinks' Word of Mouth, 1984)
•Remember the Future (from I Will Be Me, 2013)
•Where Have All the Good Times Gone (from the Kinks' The Kink Kontroversy, 1965)
•All Day and All of the Night (Kinks' single (U.K., 1964), from the album Kinks-Size (U.S., 1965))

•I'm Not Like Everybody Else (b-side of the Kinks' single Sunny Afternoon, 1966)
•You Really Got Me (from the Kinks' The Kinks (U.K., 1964), You Really Got Me (U.S., 1964))

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