Simon Cowell feels "blessed" that baby Eric is healthy.

The X Factor creator supports British foundation Shooting Star Chase, a hospice charity that cares for children with life-limiting conditions. Simon and his partner Lauren Silverman welcomed their first son in February and it really put things into perspective for the star at a recent fundraiser for the charity.

"Of course. You feel blessed and luckily he's in good health. It did put things into a different perspective," he opened up to British magazine Hello! when asked if the event made him realise how fortunate his little family is.

"It's hard for Lauren, too, because it's a happy event but sad too and it affected her today, you could see that. But I want her to get more involved - to see it firsthand."

British-born Simon has his hands full and is appearing on the UK version of The X Factor as well as Britain's Got Talent this year. Lauren is based in America, which means their lives are split between the two countries.

"We're getting there. But now I have to leave to go back to New York," Lauren smiled when asked how they were settling into family life. "Just as I've gotten settled and comfy, it's time to go back. We'll be back and forth."

Simon is known for being brutally honest as a judge on talent shows and has been dubbed Mr Nasty by some. He doesn't think fatherhood will soften him, but admits that he has always been a bit easier on the young contestants on Britain's Got Talent.

"Probably not," he grinned when asked if he would turn into a softie. "We've always looked after the kids. We have kids who are six years old turning up and you're not going to tell them that they're horrible. I couldn't do that - that would be pretty bad. We're very careful that they can handle the pressure."