Ed Sheeran doesn't get recognised much because he walks around alone.

The British singer made a name for himself with first album + and he's currently promoting his upcoming record x.

One of his best A-list pals is US singer Taylor Swift and they often get snapped out and about together. But when Ed goes solo, he says he can fly under the radar.

"I walk around on my own a lot; people don't really think that it's me," he answered fuse.tv when asked what one thing fans don't know about him.

Ed's first album was written when he was 18 and released in 2011. He's now 23 and explained why it took so long for the second record to get underway.

"The delay happened because I thought the album was done. I had the opportunity to work with Rick Rubin for two months which I wasn’t going to say no to," he revealed. "I had more time to actually set up a record instead of just putting it out. I wanted to make a statement."

The redheaded singer is known for his clever lyrics and melodic voice. This time around he hopes to impress fans with a wider range of tracks.

"I'm going to get killed for saying it but the closest comparison I'd say is The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. It's not like that, but that's the closest comparison. It's like having some hip hop, R&B jams on there and some soul songs," he explained.

"I was a bit more fresh-faced and doughy-eyed [when I wrote my first album] but I know the industry now. I guess that can make me jaded, but I'm just excited to get the album out there."