Rita Ora Skyped her parents every night when she first moved out.

The singer was born in Kosovo, but moved to Britain with her family when she was one. At 18, the now 23-year-old headed to Brooklyn, New York, to work on her music. It was a huge step and absolutely terrified the star.

"I moved to a flat, Skyped my mum and dad every night, was recording my first album - literally studio and back home. It was really scary," she opened up to the latest edition of British magazine ELLE. "[Not amazing-scary], scary-scary - I had no idea what the f**k I was doing. I couldn't even cook, let alone wash my own clothes. I had to grow up really quick."

Rita's fame came about suddenly and she burst onto the scene with tracks like How We Do (Party) and R.I.P. There have been downsides, such as an acrimonious split with Rob Kardashian, who publically claimed she had cheated on him.

Rita also had to deal with losing friends who couldn't deal with fact that she was famous. She says that was more painful that her breakup with Rob.

"The second one is what kills it the most. I don't care about the first one. It depends on how long you've known the person, really. I could talk about this for hours. It's just life; it's just how people grow," she mused.

Rita was close to model Cara Delevingne for some time, referring to the 21-year-old as her "wifey". There had been rumours they'd fallen out, but the star insisted they will always be close and that they were just both busy with work.