Roger Friedman, the very tuned-in owner of Showbiz 411, is reporting that the Tony Bennett / Lady Gaga album 'Cheek to Cheek' is set for a September release.

At least that is according to Bennett with whom Friedman spoke last night. Tony said the album, which has been pushed back a couple of times, will finally be making its way to the market, once again complementing Lady Gaga. "Wait til you hear her voice. She’s a real singer."

The album was first mentioned in late-2012 and was rumoured to be recorded during 2013 with Marion Evans, who arranged the pairs recording of The Lady is a Tramp for Bennett's Duets II album, would be significantly involved.

Last September, Bennett said that the album would be out in January of this year, adding "We recorded all great standards, quality songs; George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Jerome Kern, Irving Berlin, songs like that. With a big swingin' band and great, great, jazz artists playing."

Not long before the scheduled release, Bennett announced that the date had been pushed out to March 18 which, of course, it didn't make although USA Today said it would be out in the Fall. The new date will, most likely, allow Gaga to do more promotion for the set as Artpop will have cooled down by then.

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