After winning the Choice FM Breakthrough competition in 2013, North London rapper Coops was given the opportunity to perform at London's O2 with hip hop royalty, Nas. The series of events instilled a new self-belief within the rapper and the 23-year-old Londoner’s passion for the craft was ignited.

After completing a degree in performing arts at Southampton University, Coops got to work on his mixtape ‘Lost Soul’. The first track taken from the mixtape is ‘Chillin’, an introduction to the soulful, laid back, hip hop vibe that Coops represents. With an evident stroke of creative intuition, Coops pairs an effortless flow with a beautifully pared down beat, that allows his content to shine and embody its title to the fullest.

Coops says "‘Chillin is all about good vibes, good people and good weed. I feel like this track is the perfect introduction to the Lost Soul mix tape, bringing an old skool, 90s boom-bap feel to it!”

Set for release on 2nd June via his own website, the ‘Lost Soul’ mixtape is a collection of tracks which represent a number of different meanings and emotions - as does the title itself. As well as being a metaphor for Coops’ perception of himself in his search for self-awareness, it also reflects what Coops feels has been lost in music today, especially within his immediate surroundings.

“Lost Soul is a reflection of my generation, both musically and spiritually, I'm tryna bring back some of that soul that music had when I was growing up”.

Check out the brand new video ‘Chillin’ below...