Katy Perry is reportedly “not allowing” ex-boyfriend John Mayer to distract her from work.

The 29-year-old old Dark Horse singer split from fellow musician John in February after reports emerged he cheated on her. Katy is currently preparing for her Prismatic World Tour and it is claimed she is single-minded about putting on good shows for her fans in spite of the painful breakup.

"Katy is focused on her tour right now," a source told E! Online. "She is not allowing anything to distract her from it."

In fact, the songstress seems to be on cloud nine in preparation for the concert series, which kicks off next month.

"She is in great spirits right now," the insider detailed.

Apparently Katy’s forthcoming tour was the bane in the relationship that eventually led to their breakup. It is also claimed the vocal couple frequently found themselves involved in verbal disagreements.

“She's stressed about the tour, they've been fighting. It is probably for the best, because she is going to be on tour for forever. Of course this happens all the time, I can't keep track anymore. But for now they are done,” an insider told Us Weekly previously.

Katy and notorious lothario John, 36, split on a couple of occasions during their two year courtship, but she took him back both times. However she is said to be determined to stick to her latest decision.

"They had talked about marriage and she seemed to think he was a changed man, so she is beyond gutted," a source told British magazine Grazia recently.

"[But] she doesn't want to find him attractive anymore."

Katy’s Prismatic World Tour kicks off May 7 in Belfast, Northern Ireland.