Rob Lowe turned down a chance to hook up with Madonna.

The Parks & Recreation actor opens up about his personal life in new memoir Love Life.

And according to The Hollywood Reporter, Rob recalls the pop diva inviting him backstage after a 1984 concert.

Although he remembers her having “flawless skin and eyes that imparted secrets”, the 50-year-old actor reveals that when he declined to join her on the dance floor at a nightclub later, she went off by herself and never turned back.

Apparently Rob’s lack of interest was not due entirely to his boyish attitude.

In the early 80s he learned one of the ways in which notorious Lothario Warren Beatty picked up women.

The actor recalls how Warren invited him and his former girlfriend to his Los Angeles home, where Warren told Rob’s love interest she reminded him of Natalie Wood.

“There it is, the line that would turn any young actress into his personal concubine for life,” Rob writes.

The actor eventually settled down with Sheryl Berkoff after they reportedly met each other on a blind date.

The couple married in 1991 and share two sons, Matthew and Edward.

And Rob admits the night before his eldest son left home for college he wept.

Looking at the “suitcases on his bed, his New England Patriots posters and his dog”, THR reports he remembered how he couldn’t “stop crying”, and later slept in his son’s bed.

Love Life is Rob’s second memoir. His first, Stories I Only Tell My Friends, was released in 2011.