Kanye West has reportedly told Kim Kardashian to "shut out the noise of the jealous screamers".

The engaged couple feature on the cover of US Vogue magazine, with Kim seen in an apparent wedding dress and Kanye cradling her from behind. The decision to put the couple on the main page of the fashion magazine caused a widespread outcry, with Kim apparently mortified by the response.

"Kim was devastated, embarrassed and upset. But this is her dream come true so, as Kanye tells her, 'Shut out the noise of the jealous screamers; the ones that want to drag you down to their level, that hate you for everything you have worked so hard to achieve, 'cause next week they will be screaming about something else and you will still have achieved your dream,'" an insider told British magazine Heat.

When the cover was made public, stars including Sarah Michelle Gellar questioned editor Anna Wintour's decision.

She hit back in her editor's letter, insisting Kim and Kanye represent what is modern and current.

It's been claimed Kanye was unhappy with some of the styling on the shoot as he wanted the clothes to be more risqué. But Anna seemingly had set guidelines the pair had to stick to in front of the camera - included one about their baby daughter North.

"Conditions of the shoot included Kim dyeing her hair back to brunette, North being included - despite Kanye's initial objections - and the couple relinquishing control of any wardrobe or styling. Kanye originally wanted a futuristic shoot in space, but Anna said no," the source said.