Chris Brown will allegedly board a Con Air flight to Washington D.C. later today.

The Don’t Wake Me Up singer was thrown in Men’s Central Jail in downtown Los Angeles last month and he was ordered to stay there until his trial for an assault charge commenced in the nation’s capital on April 17. Although the star’s legal team have been pleading with the courts to release him from jail, TMZ now reports their battle has been unsuccessful, as Chris is in transport to a federal holding facility 60-miles away from LA in San Bernardino, California.

Once he arrives at the inmate compound, Chris will reportedly be taken into custody by federal US Marshals. He will then be transported cross country via Con Air while shackled and chained with other prisoners. Apparently the trip will take several days to complete, as it is not a non-stop flight.

Sources inform the outlet he will likely touchdown in Oklahoma and other states, as the airplane must pick up inmates across America. It is estimated the uncomfortable journey will end for Chris on Sunday.

On Monday the musician will be in a hearing with his lawyer Mark Geragos by his side to face charges of assault against a man. He was arrested in October 2013 for allegedly punching a male outside the W Hotel in the city. Chris is accused of throwing blows with his security guard after two guys attempted to photobomb a picture he was taking with two female fans.

In March the star’s probation judge put him in jail after news broke he was kicked out of anger management rehab. As part of his 2009 conviction for the assault against his-then girlfriend Rihanna, Chris must abide by the rule of law at all times.

Whenever a judge deems he is in violation of his probation order, the star faces significant jail time.