Ed Sheeran “wouldn’t be surprised” if Courteney Cox married her new man.

The 23-year-old British singer is good friends with the former Friends actress.

And he is happy to report his pal’s fresh relationship with Snow Patrol guitarist Johnny McDaid is growing stronger by the minute.

“I wouldn’t be surprised, but it’s still early days,” he told UK newspaper The Mirror in response to whether he thinks the couple will tie the knot soon.

“They certainly enjoy each other’s company and feel very comfortable with each other.”

Courteney, 49, began dating 37-year-old Johnny last year and Ed is the person who introduced the lovebirds to each other.

The singer is elated both his friends are getting along so well, although he admits the relationship is evolving at a rapid pace.

“I’m not sure that it’s public knowledge, so maybe I shouldn’t have said anything – but, yes, they’re already living together,” Ed confirmed.

“Things are moving fast. He moved in and, judging by the last time I saw them, they couldn’t be happier.

“They get on really well and are genuinely good friends, pardon the pun.”

Courteney shares nine-year-old daughter Coco with her ex-husband David Arquette.

Apparently the whole family loves Johnny, and have welcomed him with open arms.

"What has really impressed Courteney is how good Johnny is with Coco. He's always out in the grounds playing sport with Coco and bonding with her,” a source told Britain’s Grazia magazine recently.

"Also, David approves of him - they've met a few times and are even planning a dinner with David and his new partner Christina [McLarty]. They're all comfortable around each other.”