Chris Brown has supposedly “lost all hope” in his bleak prison environment.

The 24-year-old Deuces singer is currently spending his days in a Los Angeles jail, after being thrown into the facility last month for violating probation in connection with his 2009 assault against Rihanna. And it is claimed the hostile surroundings has killed off Chris’ zest for life.

“He’s lost all hope. Jail has broken him,” a source told Hollywood Life. “He can’t be upbeat or happy in jail because he doesn’t have control over sh*t. He can’t do anything on his own and he’s told what to do, when to eat, when to sleep and sh*t and people are watching over him 24-7.”

Chris was kicked out of anger management rehab for violating internal rules in March, and his probation judge sent him straight to jail after he exited the therapy facility.

The courts have ordered the star to remain locked up until the trial for his separate assault case in Washington D.C. gets underway on April 17.

It is claimed the singer’s lawyers are trying to determine whether they have enough evidence to secure an acquittal or whether they should pay the alleged victim a settlement out of court to prevent trial.

And apparently Chris doesn’t believe the outcome will be positive no matter what takes place.

“He wants this D.C. case behind him but he’s not trying to get his hopes up,” the source said. “He’s not setting himself up for the ultimate failure. He’s just playing the waiting game but he has no hopes either way because he doesn’t want to be let down.”