Lady Gaga could barely contain her excitement before her show in New York on Monday night.

The singer is originally from the city, and loves performing in her hometown.

According to Gaga, just being backstage at the Roseland Ballroom in New York was overwhelming.

“The crowd is KILLING ME ALREADY FROM BACKSTAGE Roseland Show #3 IM SO EXCITED IM GONNA PEE MY SEASHELLS. You've got 40 min to DRINK UP,” she tweeted.

Gaga will be the last artist to perform at the venue, which is closing down after being in use for decades.

The singer has spoken about what this means to her, and how she used to frequent the place as a teenager before she was famous to see her favourite bands.

“Well, I actually went to see Franz Ferdinand at Roseland when I was just getting out of high school. And I broke my nose at the show because I got thrown into a mosh pit,” she told New York radio station 92.3 Now. “And then I went to a bar with my girlfriends and I used my fake Delaware ID to get in and I was using a Bud Light to nurse my freshly broken nose. I had to lie to my mom and tell her that I walked into a door or something, but she knew what had occurred.”

Gaga’s seven-night residency at the Ballroom kicked off on March 28, which also happened to be her 28th birthday.
Monday night’s show was performance number three out of the seven.