John Legend made Chrissy Teigen cry when she first heard the song he wrote for her.

The musician composed the song for their Lake Como wedding in September 2013. According to the singer, the model became very emotional about the piece, called All Of Me.

"She cried when she first heard it," John told Entertainment Tonight. "She was very like moved by it."

John and the Sports Illustrated model dated for seven years before getting engaged in 2011. He believes their similar values are what makes life together so easy and fun.

"I think we're both grounded, we're both family people that you know our ideal night is still just sitting at home cooking and watching TV, and hanging out with the family," he said. "So I think when you don't get too caught up in all the extra things, it's easier to maintain a relationship."

John has spoken in the past about how much he loves his wife and how he never had any doubt she was the one for him.

The Grammy winner says he doesn’t find commitment scary because Chrissy is perfect for him.

"It doesn't. No. I've been with Chrissy for a long time, and knew that I wanted to be with her for the rest of my life and wanted to have kids with her and all of that, and I really didn't have any fear. Once I decided to do it, I decided lets go for it," he said. "I'm excited. It's been great so far."