Ashlee Simpson has a “heart of gold”, according to her fiancé Evan Ross’ sister Tracee Ellis Ross.

The actress is thrilled her brother is marrying Ashlee, and has nothing but praise for the singer. According to Tracee, the couple were made for each other.

"The thing that I think is really beautiful and amazing about her [is] she has a heart of gold, that girl," Tracee told E! News. "I swear to God, she's like a mushy love, and she's so sweet."

Evan and Tracee’s mother Diana Ross organized the engagement party for the couple. The actress jokes about how similar Ashlee and Evan are in terms of style, and how well they are matched in terms of their “sense of play”.

"Evan looked like he came from Game of Thrones," Tracee laughed. "And that's part of what's sweet about the two of them together. They both have a similar sense of play and fantasy. The party was amazing. We're a big family. We love siblings. We love big family stuff, and I got two more sisters now. So, it's really cool. Who knew I was going to grow up and have Ashlee and Jessica Simpson as my new siblings?!"

Evan proposed to Ashlee in January, and Tracee knew it was going to happen due to comments he made beforehand. The actor apparently asked his older sister for advice on love.

"This is what Evan said to me, which I think is the cutest—he does, 'Tracee, I just think you know when you know and I know.'"