One Direction’s minders are reportedly determined to avoid an “insurance nightmare”.

Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne were on the set of a Mission: Impossible-inspired promo shoot for their latest fragrance at the weekend, according to UK newspaper The Mirror.

And the outlet reports stuntmen had to be called in for the death-defying segments to ensure the stars weren't harmed.

“It would be an insurance nightmare if one of the boys got injured ahead of their world tour – and that kicks off in less than a month in Colombia,” s source said.

“Producers have… hired stuntmen in case they’re needed to tackle some of the more dangerous bits. Nothing is being left to chance.”

The Mirror reports the idea of the shoot is that the bandmates are stealing bottles of fragrance from a vault.

The stunts were reportedly inspired by Tom Cruise’s famous franchise, which featured the action star hanging from the ceiling and expertly avoiding fiery explosions.

“Every care is being taken to ensure the boys stay safe – there are specialists on hand to deal with the rigging and pyrotechnics, and stunt crash mats have been ordered,” the insider added.

The perfume deal is expected to be a big pay off for the stars.

The Mirror reports the band’s deal for their Our Moment perfume landed each member more than $3 million.

One Direction is meanwhile preparing to hit the road in just a few weeks for their Where We Are Tour, scheduled to launch in Bogota on April 25.

The singers will then travel through South America, Europe and North America, wrapping up the trek in Miami, Florida on October 5.