Kylie Minogue's potential partner has to have something "magical".

The Australian star dated model Andrés Velencoso between 2008 and 2013, but she's been single since their split last year.

She's not been put off looking for love and has a clear idea when it comes to her dream man.

"He has to be charismatic. He has to have something magical," she smiled to

"He also has to be strong and sensitive. A good sense of humour. And he has to be understanding when it comes to my career. It's a very specific job. I have to travel a lot, I draw a lot of attention. My man will always have my love, but he needs to be secure. And he has to accept the way I look when I wake up in the morning!"

In the past, Kylie has also dated Olivier Martinez and Jason Donovan.

The 45-year-old has long harboured a crush on one particular celebrity though.

"When I was a teenager it would have been Prince - I was obsessed with him!" she laughed when asked who she would love to kiss.

"Since then, I've met him lots of times. If that had happened to me aged 14 I would have passed out!"

Kylie often gets quizzed about whether she still wants to start a family.

The singer finds it hard to deal with these questions.

"Of course it bothers me sometimes," she admitted. "It's a very personal subject. It's not exactly like ordering pizza: 'Yes, hello, I'd like the perfect husband delivered from the special menu, with two kids on the side, please!'

That's just not what life is like.

"I cherish the relationships I've had and their impact on my life. I just don't happen to fit into that traditional mould. But I do think that mould has changed in the past few years - so maybe I'm not that unconventional."