Jared Leto has joked he's available for "all kinds of things".

The 42-year-old singer is currently in Australia with his band 30 Seconds to Mars for their Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams Tour.

Shortly after he touched down Down Under, Jared visited radio station 2Day FM to appear on the popular Kyle and Jackie O show. When quizzed about his love life, the handsome singer-and-actor was quick to confirm his relationship status.

"I am, I am single, I'm officially single... I'm available for all kinds of things," he joked.

Host Kyle then proceeded to ask a more risqué question about what his personal preferences in the bedroom are. Remaining open and honest, Jared continued to share his thoughts.

"I like it all man, you know, isn't that the problem? I just like it all.

"I appreciate women, and all of their infinite fascinating features," he added, causing Jackie to get over-excited and giggly.

Realising Jared was happy to answer any of his questions, Kyle took it one step further. The Aussie DJ then asked whether the heartthrob star would "throw the leg over a married woman" if the opportunity ever came up.

Thinking before he answered, Jared said: "[If the woman was separated and lonely], and she really needed some company, I would probably feel it was my duty to oblige."

After this interview, the musician went on to speak to model-and-actress Sophie Monk on the same radio station.

Putting his single status into action, Jared tested out his chat-up lines on the pretty blonde, complimenting her "husky voice".

When she replied it was just her normal voice, he described it as "hot". He also invited her to come down to one of the 30 Seconds to Mars shows.

"If you do come to the show, we will spoil you rotten," Jared added to try and seal the deal.