Kevin and Danielle Jonas have reportedly splashed out $14,000 on their baby’s playroom.

The couple welcomed their little girl Alena Rose two months ago.

And according to Life & Style Weekly, the pair spared no expense on making sure their only child’s room was well designed.

“We wanted a fun and creative room where she can play around and make a mess,” Kevin explained, adding of its location: “It was important that is was a separate room next to the kitchen and not in the basement, so she is close to the family."

Vanessa Antonelli of NessaLee Baby is credited with coming up with the stylish design, which includes navy and white furniture, a large graphic rug and a floral wall with the word “PLAY”.

“It’s a real modern twist on a girlie playroom,” Danielle said.

“We liked using nontraditional girlie colors and the added touch of the bird theme.”

Baby Alena is the first child for any of the Jonas Brothers. But Kevin admitted last month it’s now hard for him to focus on anything but his little girl.

"Honestly, that's all I'm thinking about and it's awesome," he told E! News.

Unfortunately, Kevin hasn’t been around for every milestone. He admitted a few weeks ago the newborn began sucking her thumb and he was disappointed to miss it.

"It is my first time away from being a father," he said at the Hollywood Domino benefit event honouring Artists for Peace and Justice in West Hollywood.

"You know, it's amazing having a daughter that every minute you want to be with her. And of course she does something awesome. Like she found her thumb yesterday so she started sucking her thumb yesterday and I wasn't there. I didn't see it and I was like, ‘UGH!' but it's good."

Kevin is also convinced he wants more children.

“I'm just not sure when and how many and when we will, but we definitely will have more kids. We want her to have sisters or brothers or whatever we'll have,” he said.