Elvis Costello and the Roots paraded out much of the music from their critically acclaimed album, Wake Up Ghost, on Sunday night at the Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas.

The show was the second of two nights at the venue which saw the two artists also cover a few of Costello’s classics in what was described as an updated style to suit the Roots and covers of songs by The Specials and John Lennon.

Joining the artists on stage were Diane Birch for Tripwire from Ghost and La Marisoul (Marisol Hernandez) from La Santa Cecilia, on three songs.

Wake Me Up (from Wake Up Ghost, 2013)
Refuse To Be Saved (from Wake Up Ghost, 2013)
Stick Out Your Tongue (from Wake Up Ghost, 2013)
Watching The Detectives (from My Aim is True, 1977)
Shabby Doll (from Imperial Ballroom, 1982)
Sugar Won’t Work (from Wake Up Ghost, 2013)
Tripwire (with Diane Birch) (from Wake Up Ghost, 2013)
Spooky Girlfriend (with La Marisoul) (from When I Was Cruel, 2002)
Cinco Minutos Con Vos (with La Marisoul) (from Wake Up Ghost, 2013)
Ghost Town (with La Marisoul) (Specials cover)
(I Don’t Want To Go To) Chelsea (from This Year’s Model, 1978)
Walk Us Uptown (from Wake Up Ghost, 2013)
I Want You (from Girls Girls Girls, 1986)
Wise Up Ghost (from Wake Up Ghost, 2013)
Pump It Up (from This Year’s Model, 1978)
I Found Out (John Lennon cover)

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