Kanye West reportedly wants Mary J. Blige to perform at his wedding.

The rapper and fiancée Kim Kardashian are said to be huge fans of the legendary R&B singer, and Kanye apparently feels having her at the ceremony would make it magical.

The wedding is reportedly due to take place on May 26 in Paris, and Kanye knows the exact song he wants Mary to sing, according to Hollywood Life.

“One of his favourite songs by her is Everything,” a source said. “That song sums up, in every verse, his love for Kim. He wants that song to be sang at his wedding so he’s talking to Mary.”

Kim is apparently just as thrilled as Kanye at the idea of Mary performing at their wedding. The song Everything is said to mean a lot to her as well, and reminds her of when she and Kanye first fell in love.

“Kim would drop dead if that happens,” the source said. “She too loves Mary and Kanye played that song for her when they first met over and over and over and over. Only fitting that he would have Mary officially sing it at the wedding.”

Kanye has made it clear in past statements that he will stop at nothing to give Kim whatever she wants for their big day. According to the rapper, she’s the best thing that has ever happened to him.

"I felt like our love story is a love story for the ages. I felt like when we first got together it was like a Romeo and Juliet kind of thing where it's like she's a reality star and I'm a rapper,” he gushed in a radio interview with Hot 97 last year.
The couple have yet to comment on the claims.