Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy reportedly “took a step back” from their relationship in effort to save it.

The couple have been dogged with rumours of a split after Kate was spotted out and about without her engagement ring on.

But apparently Kate and her Muse fiancé are fighting to save their love.

"Kate and Matt spent several weeks apart, and the time away was good for them as they've been trying to figure things out," a source told E! News. "They didn't want to end their relationship, so they took a step back for awhile to let things cool off."

While neither Kate nor Matthew has publicly admitted to any problems, they are said to have gone to therapy in an effort to better communicate.

Taking a break was reportedly just what both parties needed to recharge and learn to appreciate each other again.

"They had been in a rough patch and things weren't going well. They've been to counselling and decided they both would like to stay together for now. Kate has never been traditional and she doesn't know exactly what their future looks like,” the source added.

"She needed time to go out with her friends and let loose and have fun. Matt went to Europe for a while, and now that's he's back, they are slowly spending more time together. They are both open-minded and will see what happens. They aren't rushing to make any decisions right now."

Kate and Matthew have been engaged since 2011 and have one child, a two-year-old son named Bingham. They were spotted together in Los Angeles on Friday, March 21.