Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend is reportedly worried about the "tension" his change of appearance is causing between them.

The One Direction singer's looks have altered since he and his bandmates Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne hit the big time.

Louis recently went under the needle for two new tattoos at Shamrock Tattoo studio in LA and was spotted sporting messy hair and stubble as he left.

As he begins to look more rugged his girlfriend Eleanor Calder is said to fear he is letting himself go too much.

"Louis finds the tattoos a release from the stresses of fame. He doesn't think the inkings are a problem, but his girlfriend Eleanor is worried he's going too far and it's causing tension between them. She doesn't know why he wants to change his look," a source told British magazine Closer.

"He looked quite dishevelled [as he left the tattoo parlour] - there's no doubt his lifestyle has taken its toll, and Eleanor worries he isn't looking after himself."

It isn't just Louis who has an array of tattoos on his body. Lothario Harry is also covered, along with Zayn and Liam.

With their huge level of fame it is thought the boys are more confident with writing their own rules when it comes to their looks these days.

"Niall is the only member to still look like he's in a boy band. The other boys have told their stylist they want an edgier look - they're keen to ditch their boy-band image," the insider added.

"In the beginning, they had to do what their manager Simon Cowell said. Now they're worth over £100m and aren't afraid to dictate their own terms. This includes changing their image in the hope they'll be taken more seriously."