Fred Durst is a big fan of Albert Einstein.

The Limp Bizkit frontman is known for his hardcore image in the nu-metal band, and his shouting-singing style.

But aside from his stage persona, Fred also has a keen interest in science and spends most of his free time reading up on the subject.

He even has a portrait of Einstein tattooed on his right leg.

"I'm obsessed with physics and finding the one answer to everything. I read a lot - the only books I've read in the past ten years are physics books," Fred confessed to British Kerrang! magazine.

"For a guy like Einstein to reach mainstream pop culture with certain ideas and theories on a mass scale, it just blows my mid. He came up with some pretty unbelievable things."

It's not just Einstein who inspires Fred though; he's also well read in the work of Stephen Hawking, who penned A Brief History of Time.

The 43-year-old rocker is also confident that a new "genius" will be found in the not too distant future.

"I think Stephen Hawking is brilliant, too, and if people want to get into physics on a surface level, his books are very easy to comprehend. He's got some great ideas and he's still alive.

"There are a couple of really young kids who are mathematical geniuses so maybe we're gonna come across a new phenomenon..." Fred said wistfully.

Lim Bizkit have just completed the Kerrang! Tour 2014, and have upcoming gigs throughout Europe kicking off in June.

Aside from his musical duties, and scientific readings, Fred is also an established filmmaker.