Shakira confesses she is way more demanding than her “chilled” manager Jay-Z.

The 37-year-old Colombian singer signed with Roc Nation for management services in 2011.

And although music mogul Jay-Z owns Roc Nation, Shakira believes he’s one of the most easygoing men on the planet.

“He’s not my boss. He is my manager. In fact he says that I boss HIM around,” she revealed to British newspaper The Sun.

“But he is a great manager. He is very chilled, which is important.”

Shakira is known for her catchy pop tunes, but the star reveals she is most influenced by rock and roll.

“I’ve always been a rock chick,” she shared.

“When I started out, I only sang in Spanish and my music was a lot heavier than what the people in the Anglo-Saxon world know me for.

“Growing up my idols were Metallica, The Cure, Led Zeppelin and when Depeche Mode went dark and heavy. I don’t like going to concerts now apart from when Depeche Mode are playing.”

But Shakira is happy with her decision to create pop songs, as she believes the genre allows her to be more artistically innovative.

“But I made a pop career out of my music, which actually gives me a freedom and I like to navigate through different styles and genres. I am very curious about music and pick up many different styles from around the world,” Shakira said, noting her popularity also helps her bring light to charitable causes she supports.

“My career has been so important to give me this platform to be able to bring attention to these issues which are so important. Working on this means more than my music.

One day I might retire from singing and performing but I can never see myself stopping my charity work. I feel very passionate about it.”