Ariana Grande has confirmed that her duet with Chris Brown has been delayed.

The 20-year-old singer was set to begin a countdown to the release of track Don't Be Gone Too Long this week.

However, Chris is currently facing legal trouble and has been behind bars since the weekend, after a judge found him guilty of violating the rules of his court-ordered rehab programme for anger management.

Ariana announced on Monday that the single had been postponed, but backtracked when she heard it was back on.

She's now officially confirmed that things will go ahead at a later date than planned.

"just to clarify... unfortunately 'don't be gone too long' is delayed for real this time but (to be continued next tweet....)" she posted on Twitter.

"now you'll be getting my 1st single off my new album sooner. dbgtl will come out just a little later than expected thank u for understanding

"I'll keep you updated (sic)"

Ariana originally took to Twitter on March 17 to warn fans the countdown might be delayed.

The singer had to admit that she wasn't sure what the deal with her new track is.

"my brain hurts. so much happens in a day lol. I'm going to be just as surprised as you guys for these next few days. expect the unexpected," she wrote.

"I get a call that the song was pushed back... then I get a call that it isn't... gonna take the back seat with this one (sic)"

It was not made clear what the incident that got Chris thrown out of the facility was, but his actions were in violation of the probation he was placed under following his assault on Rihanna in 2009.

The 24-year-old is currently still behind bars as he awaits trial.