Miss Piggy thinks Céline Dion is going to "be someone" one day.

The pink diva returns to the big screen with her flamboyant puppet co-stars in the upcoming comedy movie Muppets Most Wanted.

During the film Miss Piggy treats the audience to a duet with music sensation Céline, singing a rendition of the song Something So Right.

Speaking about how they got along on set Miss Piggy revealed she has high hopes for the award-winning songstress.

"We got along fabulously. I think she’s going to be something one day. Ha ha ha! Did I learn anything from her? Oh please," she mused to screenrant.com.

"You know, I’m just hoping she can ride my coat tails all the way to the Oscars next year. I think she’s going to be something, I really do. That’s all I gotta say."

The film follows the gang as they go on a global tour, during which they come face to face with Kermit the Frog's evil Doppelgänger, Constantine.

Kermit joined his love interest for the interview and explained what he thinks the film evokes from the story.

"I would say for me the universal message of the film is... well, we all have friends and don’t take your friends for granted. And remember where you came from," he explained.

"And remember anniversaries. Birthdays... You know special occasions," Miss Piggy chimed in.

After a slightly baffled Kermit admitted he couldn't remember those dates, but will take note, his girlfriend added: " I think it’s clearly one of the main messages of the movie."

The cast - also including the likes of Tina Fey and Ricky Gervais - stopped off in London amid their travels. Seeing the crown jewels didn't come as such as a shock to Kermit and Miss Piggy, though.

"Well I’d seen them before. I did the tour you see. I do have to say that was an incredibly well done set," Kermit said.

"I always visit the Crown Jewels. Every time I go to England, yes. It’s a kind of a mecca for me," she added.