Naya Rivera has reportedly not had cosmetic surgery, despite appearances to the contrary.

Speculation began after Naya posted a sexy picture on Instagram on Tuesday, showing her looking extra-busty in a bikini.

But it looks like a padded swimsuit top was responsible rather than a surgeon’s knife, as sources confirm to E! News Naya has definitely not had a breast augmentation.

Fans may also have been confusing art with real life, as the Glee star’s character Santana did get a boob job so that people would pay her more attention.

Naya has previously spoken about how when it comes to looks, she believes simplicity is key. The 27-year-old believes a healthy sense of perspective is needed when it comes to outer beauty.

“I would probably just tell everyone to not worry about it. I know that girls are always obsessed with looking good and I'm guilty of that as well,” she told the Examiner. “I go through these little personal makeover phases every few months where I look for something about myself that I can improve. Keep it all in perspective and don't put too much pressure on yourself. People are going to think you're beautiful by the way you carry yourself and act in public. There's so many different aspects of a person that makes them beautiful besides their hair.”

One person who clearly appreciates Naya’s inner and outer beauty is fiancé Big Sean. He and the actress are deep in wedding preparations, and according to Naya, she is getting plenty of help to make sure the big day goes off without a hitch.

“Everybody is involved. Even [my publicist] is involved,” she joked to People magazine.