Sharon Osbourne says it’s realistic to expect people in relationships to cheat.

The 61-year-old TV star, who is married to rocker Ozzy Osbourne, addressed recent remarks by Cameron Diaz about how difficult it is to maintain monogamy.

Speaking on her US chat show The Talk on Wednesday, Sharon seemed to agree.

“[Unless you’re] Amish or something like that - [you] don’t have TV – or, you know, [you’re] in a little village… I think most people do a little fiddly diddly because… we’re all animals,” she reasoned.

Cameron was discussing the storyline of her new movie, The Other Woman, when she made her own controversial remarks.

The film follows a woman who sleeps with a man without knowing he’s married, and then seeks revenge when she finds out.

But the 41-year-old actress admitted it wasn’t the cheating angle that got her so interested being a part of the project.

"Everybody has been cheated on, everyone will be cheated on. I can't fix that, I don't know how, I don't have any judgment on anybody, I don't know how to fix the problem,” she recently told Britain’s OK! magazine. "We are human beings, we are complicated - you cannot go through life without tallying up a few scars, you cannot go through life unscathed, it's just what it is. It's all meant to happen, take your lessons, figure it out, move on."

Cameron credited her close friends with helping her through some of her tough times.

She considers herself part of a “tribe” of women who make it a priority to support one another.

"I exist for all my girlfriends. I am very, very, very fortunate; my friends are incredible and I am very lucky to have a lot of really solid, good friends—girlfriends and male friends—who I can just rely on," she said.

The Other Woman, co-starring Kate Upton, Nicki Minaj and Leslie Mann, is scheduled to hit US cinemas next month.