The Black Eyed Peas wouldn't win a TV reality show, according to

The star founded the group in the '90s, and they have gone on to enjoy worldwide success with hits such as I Gotta Feeling.

will has now carved out a TV career, appearing on the UK and Australian versions of talent show The Voice. Despite this, he's adamant such a programme wouldn't be the right place for his band.

"We wouldn’t join it, and if we did join it, we wouldn’t win. And if we won, they would be joking. Because we are different," he told British newspaper The Metro.

"We mean something different in popular culture. We create our own stew. Everyone else is eating spaghetti."

will is known for his flamboyant descriptions of things and loves to use complex metaphors when on The Voice. He indulged that side of himself when attempting to describe how much The Black Eyed Peas have brought to the industry.

"[Music people judge you] on spaghetti or pizza [but we were] like a f**king calzone," he said.

"The person judging the pizza would be like, 'This isn’t a pizza! What is this?' And I’d be like, 'Taste it. This is different, homie. We’re just making a sandwich out of the motherf*****g pizza and putting all the juice in the middle."

Although he is used to jetsetting thanks to his job, will admits the travel involved with his duel The Voice roles can be tricky. Every now and then he forgets where he is, joking he has to take some time to decide whether he's in his British or Australian bed every morning.