Rihanna is reportedly being “mature” about her relationship with Drake.

The pair apparently confirmed last week they are officially together.

And both Drake and Rihanna are said to want a healthy, responsible relationship, where they stay faithful to one another.

“It was a mutual thing, really. She thinks it’s time that they be more mature about this and so does Drake and that’s where things stand,” a source told Hollywood Life. “They’re not about to run and go get married. It’s not like that.

They’re playing it safely and responsibly. Rihanna just wants her mind at ease and since she and Drake are [intimate], she felt … they’re trying to be smart about their relationship and adults about it.”

Rihanna has been accompanying Drake while he is in on tour, with his most recent shows performed in the UK.

The rapper is purportedly already referring to the singer as his girlfriend, a sign that things between the two have become more formal.

The pair went to Zouk Tea Bar & Grill in Manchester, England on March 13, and the owner claimed they were acting very much like a couple in love.

“They were talking and quite relaxed, just enjoying the night out” he revealed.

Drake is said to be ready to spend the rest of his life with Rihanna, and is even thinking about proposing. It is claimed he asked Rihanna’s sister sam to back him up while they spent time together in Berlin.

"He was telling [Sam] he wants to marry Ri - he's so in love with her. He was totally grilling Sam on Rihanna. She promised to put in a good word," an insider told British magazine Heat.

"This isn't the first time that Drake has said he wants to marry Rihanna. He's convinced that no other woman could keep him interested for life."