(Cover) - EN Music - Shakira is “so proud” to be a WAG.

The Colombian singer shares one-year-old son Milan with her partner, Barcelona and Spain football star Gerard Piqué.

And while Shakira couldn’t be happier with their life together, it seems to come as a complete surprise she’d one day refer to herself using the popular acronym for a wife and/or girlfriend of a famous footballer.

“I never knew I would be so proud to be a WAG. But I am one of them - and very happy about it,” she told UK newspaper The Sun.

“I go to as many of his games as possible and I wouldn’t miss the World Cup. I’ll be there this year as a groupie.”

As The Sun reports, Shakira and Gerard began dating a few months after they met while making the video for her song Waka Waka, the official track of the 2010 World Cup.

Fortunately, Shakira is a huge fan of the sport, which she credits with bringing them together.

“I have an undeniable relationship with football. I feel part of it. I never thought I would end up dating a footballer but it’s great,” she said.

“There’s something about the mind of a footballer. He has a totally different mindset to me. He always thinks about how everything he does will impact on his team. That’s very different to us megalomaniac artists!

“I’m my own boss, I don’t have a band and don’t have to report to anyone. I was also an only child. I’ve flown solo my whole life and he has taught me so much about being a team player.”

Milan meanwhile seems to be a big fan of football - or American soccer - as well.

He often attends the games with his mom, and Shakira believes he may one day follow in his dad’s footsteps.

“He’s got something in his blood, he loves it. The only way I can get him to watch TV is if Barca’s playing. He kicks a ball all day long but right now he is a leftie, even though no one is in my family or Gerard’s. He dances too and does a dance move like mine where he shakes his belly out. He looks just like me,” she said.