Jamie Lynn Spears reportedly got married to beau James Watson on Friday.

The younger sister of Britney Spears and fiancé James wed at a ceremony in a New Orleans park, a source confirmed to E! News.

Britney and boyfriend David Lucado flew out to attend the event, and her mother Lynne Spears was seen accompanying Jamie to a nail salon earlier on Friday.

Jamie, 22, apparently walked down the aisle in a Liancarlo dress.

She and James have been engaged for a year – this is her first marriage, having once been engaged to Casey Aldridge, father of her four and a half year old daughter Maddy.

Jamie Lynn has spoken out about she was unsure about the direction she was heading in when things with James got serious four years ago.

"It was when I was going through this time in my life where my now fiancé, we were kind of in a transition stage. I had just moved to Nashville full-time and I was focusing on being a mom and focusing on my work," Jamie Lynn told E! News.

"I was having the struggle of how could I want more? He's a great guy, but I was really was just not in a place to be in that relationship. It's funny, if you fast forward to where I am now and I'm going to marry this man and the song [How Could I Want More...] really came full circle. It's an older song, but it still means so much to me. It was written at a very vulnerable time. Every time I sing it, it just brings all that back up."