Drake has reportedly told Rihanna's family he wants to marry her.

The two stars have dated in the past and are now thought to have reunited after she performed with him at his concert in Paris. They have been seen on several dates recently and Drake was also spotted partying with her half-sister Sam in Berlin. He apparently took the opportunity to discuss the depth of his feelings for the Barbados-born star.

"He was telling [Sam] he wants to marry Ri - he's so in love with her. He was totally grilling Sam on Rihanna. She promised to put in a good word," an insider told British magazine Heat.

"This isn't the first time that Drake has said he wants to marry Rihanna. He's convinced that no other woman could keep him interested for life."

Last week it was claimed the rapper was so pleased to have Rihanna back in his life, he has already asked her to move in with him.

However, her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown could be the fly in the ointment. Although he and Rihanna aren't dating they have been in touch, with claims she visited him during his recent court-ordered anger management rehab stint.

"As part of his program, Chris wrote Ri a 25-page letter apologising for everything he's done. He had a friend deliver it to her just before she left for Europe and she called him at the facility," another source claimed.

Rihanna is said to have jetted in to see Chris in January. The pair split in 2009 after he assaulted her but have been on-and-off since then, finally going their separate ways last year.

During treatment Chris was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and PTSD, with suggestions Rihanna wonders if the illnesses were behind some of his past behaviour.

There is no suggestion she is considering reuniting with Chris, and Drake has apparently accepted Rihanna will always have him in her life one way or another.

"Drake knows Rihanna is still very drawn to Chris, but he doesn't care. He's sure that she's going to get over that eventually and he's willing to put up with it until she does," a source claimed. "He believes the best man always wins. Drake's got his hopes up again and this time he's sure that he can make Rihanna his girl."