John Legend is wary of writing songs about heartbreak.

The Ordinary People singer is known for his romantic tunes, and his latest musical offering All of Me is no exception.

John's marriage to Sports Illustrated cover star Chrissy Teigen helped him pen the love song, but the 35-year-old worries people will assume the worst if he writes anything about breaking up.

“If I write about relationships gone bad in the future, I worry that people will think my marriage has gone bad," John confessed to British newspaper Daily Star.

"Everyone is so focused on my relationship with my wife after writing a really romantic album, and it’s interesting to see if people will read things into everything I write. I got known for writing about men who cheat on my first album and my fans won’t always want me to be so lovey-dovey in every song.”

One person who won't mind if John reverts back to his days of heartbreak is singing superstar Kanye West, who produced all four of John's studio albums.

Although John laughs the pair often have different opinions on what will work, their relationship is one of the strongest in the industry.

“We try to get to a place where we agree on a song, but occasionally I put something on that I love and Kanye isn’t too fond of. He is so honest that people think there must be something else behind it, but it’s just him telling the truth as he sees it," John smiled about his friend.

"We place a premium on being polite, but it’s not the most necessary thing. If you look at what Kanye says and does, it might upset our sense of politeness, but has he ever actually hurt anybody? No.”

John has plans to add more famous names to musical collaborations, and his eye is set on a whole host of British stars.

Top of John's wish list is Adele, another musician who enjoys singing about the dark side of love.

“I’ve put the message out to Adele that I think she’d be great to work with. I think that’ll happen – it’s just a matter of time," he enthused.

“I jammed on some Marvin Gaye songs with Mumford & Sons in New York recently too. If the Mumfords ever want to do something, I'd be very open to the idea."