Adam Levine had the mammoth copy of his Sexiest Man Alive magazine cover framed for Blake Shelton so he couldn't "run over it on a tractor".

The two hunks may be competitive as judges on US TV show The Voice, but they have also developed a firm friendship.

Last year Adam was named People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive and decided to put together a plan to ensure Blake could never forget he'd won the accolade.

"I thought he should have it, what better for him to have at his ranch than a 20ft. by 15ft. statue of my magazine cover. I know he wanted it, he bought ten copies actually and he made me sign them, personalise them to him. So I thought he would enjoy it," Adam deadpanned to ET Online.

"I had it framed so that he couldn't decimate it because he'd probably feel guilty because it wasn't cheap to do that. So I thought I would go out on a limb and frame it so I knew he couldn't shoot at it, or feed it to the animals or do whatever he does out there on that farm... run over it on a tractor. I believe that he put it in his bedroom over his bed."

The two stars are gearing up for the sixth season of the reality singing show, which sees Shakira and Usher returning as judges. Much as Adam hopes to beat those two, it's Blake who is his biggest competition.

"Blake might seem laid back, mellow, but he's not. He's a cutthroat maniac psychopath," he joked.

Adam has been doing the rounds to promote the programme and appeared on Chelsea Handler's talk show last night. As well as chatting about the programme, the pair discussed Adam's bromance with Blake - and the singer's love of using profanity.

"You're loose with the language on this show. That's awesome," Adam marvelled.

"That's great because I have to not curse on our show, which f**king blows. It's so nice to say that... I think it's really important to be able to say those words because you emphasise things. F**k! I think it's actually a good usage of the word... I mean it every time I say it. God dammit, I respect you."