Carly Rae Jepsen thinks “dreamlike” Cinderella delivers a practical message.

The 28-year-old Canadian pop star currently plays the titular role in Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella, a Broadway production.

And while Carly acknowledges being exposed to fairy tales so often can keep her in a dreamy headspace for periods of time, the star believes the narrative promotes pragmatism.

“It’s been very surreal and very dreamlike,” she told of what it’s like to star in the musical theatre show.

“Every little girl grew up adoring the Cinderella story and as a woman, I really connect to her in a different way. I love how she is so crazy about changing the world and preaching it and using it in her daily life. I really like that it’s a beautiful message and story.”

But Carly confesses she is experiencing slight problems with her wardrobe.

The 18lb dress she dons everyday is proving to be quite challenging to move in gracefully.

“I’m still learning how to dance in it,” she laughed.

“It’s very difficult, we realised that the dress was originally made for a girl who is taller than me—I’m 5’2 tall—and [co-star Joe Carroll] and I kept tripping over it and when we finally got it hemmed, we were laughing about it because it actually grew in width and Joe almost couldn’t reach me!”

Carly began her brief stint in the Broadway musical on February 4, and she is also focused on other work commitments currently.

The star is thought to be working on a new album, which is scheduled for release at some point this year.