Pete Wentz is worried that British fans won't show up to upcoming Fall Out Boy gigs because they have been on hiatus since 2009.

Pete Wentz is worried British fans won't show up to upcoming Fall Out Boy gigs.

The 34-year-old bassist and band mates Patrick Stump, Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley, who formed the rock group in 2001, went on hiatus from music in 2009 before reforming last year and Pete is nervous about heading to Britain.

He told Kerrang! magazine: "I'm more worried that this will be the day people don't show up."

The band have been on their Save Rock and Roll tour since last year and are preparing to bring the show to the UK later this month.

He continued: "[The UK fans] have always been such a big supporter of our band. Probably the biggest of any place in the world."

But Pete admits it hasn't all been smooth sailing when it comes to the tour's set.

He explained: "We have a sheet that covers the set, and there have been nights when it hasn't fallen down right.

"We also have a small stage [at the back of the venue] that we run to, and we often get stuck at locked doors or go the wrong way, because the venue is a maze."

The band head to the UK on Saturday (15.03.14) and will perform in London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester, Dublin, Newcastle and Glasgow.