Pete Wentz is always nervous that people won't show up to Fall Out Boy shows.

The 34-year-old bassist has become a global star thanks to the success of the American rock band, formed in 2001.

Originating from Chicago's hardcore punk scene, the group has gone on to amass a huge following. They took a hiatus from music in 2009, but reformed last year to release new music.

Despite their many years in the spotlight, Pete always fears the next gig they play will be empty.

"I'm more worried that this will be the day people don't show up," Pete answered when Kerrang! magazine asked if he was ever nervous about playing badly.

The band, which consists of Pete, frontman Patrick Stump, guitarist Joe Trohman and drummer Andy Hurley, have been on their Save Rock and Roll tour since last year and are gearing up to bring the show to the UK later this month.

"[The UK fans] have always been such a big supporter of our band. Probably the biggest of any place in the world," Pete enthused.

Fans are in for a treat with Fall Out Boy’s raucous on stage performances, but Pete laughs that there have been a few incidents with the tour's set.

"We have a sheet that covers the set, and there have been nights when it hasn't fallen down right. We also have a small stage [at the back of the venue] that we run to, and we often get stuck at locked doors or go the wrong way, because the venue is a maze," he laughed.