Sir Paul McCartney feels like "a kid" working on the soundtrack to a new animated movie.

Sir Paul McCartney is working on a soundtrack to an animated movie.

The Beatles legend is having a lot of fun with his new project, although he hasn't given away any details.

He said: "It's like being a kid getting to play with some of the most creative people in the world."

The 'Hey Jude' hitmaker also admitted he still loves hearing people say how much they love his work.

He said: "When people tell you that you wrote the 'soundtrack to their life,' that's pretty meaningful."

Paul was speaking after calling listener-supported public radio station KCSN to thank them for their support by playing tracks from his latest album 'New'.

Programme Director Sky Daniels, who spoke to him for over an hour, told Billboard: "Paul's call was so thoughtful, I found myself fighting back tears. He told us of how his friends all loved the station, and [that] they told him that KCSN was playing a number of songs from 'New' and he simply wanted to say thanks.

"When Paul McCartney's friends sing the praises of KCSN, and he feels compelled to listen and reach out to say thanks, it validates the support of our members and the hard work of our staff. It really is a statement that radio can still touch hearts and minds, even those of the greatest songwriter of our time."