Boy George has given a huge nod to Yoko Ono on his song ‘Bigger Than War’ from his new album ‘This Is What I Do’.

The lyrics go, “Bigger than The Beatles, the rolling Stones
bigger than Elvis, but not YOKO
Bigger than you, bigger than me
love is bigger than war”.

George also covers Yoko’s ‘Death of Samantha’ on his new album.

Yoko was also the subject of an Elbow lyric recently on the track ‘New York Morning’ from their new album. She was so chuffed by the acknowledgement that she wrote an open letter to Elbow thanking them for the mention.

George’s song is the second track from his ‘This Is What I Do’ album, his first album in 18 years. George’s last studio album was ‘Cheapness and Beauty’ in 1995.

Boy George explained his perceived 18 year recording hiatus on the Paul O’Grady Show in the UK. In the 90s when all those boy bands started, because in this country past 26 you are too old for radio, they say you are an old age pensioner at 26, so I got into the dance thing and its been an amazing second career for me. Recently I started to think I would like to make another record. There’s no pressure now,” he explained.

Boy George ‘This Is What I Do’ is released in Australia independently through Kobalt.

Boy George Performs Bigger Than War on The Paul O’Grady Show