Simon Cowell is more like he "used to be" since having a son, claims his friend.

The music mogul and his girlfriend Lauren Silverman welcomed little baby Eric last month, on Valentine's Day.

He's still close to his former flame Sinitta, who claims fathering a child has done the 54-year-old the world of good.

"He seems like the Simon I used to know before the super-famous and super-rich Simon he is now," Sinitta mused to the British edition of OK! magazine.

"He was a big softy and a very affectionate, sweet, family-orientated man. We used to spend weekends with his family in Windsor. The vibe I'm getting now is he's feeling very much like the old Simon. I don't feel like I really lost him to fame and success, but he's started to be seen as a caricature and now Eric's brought a softer side of Simon back."

Since welcoming Eric, Simon has been busy posting plenty of pictures of the little one on Twitter and showing how happy he is.

He previously claimed he'd never touch a nappy, but Sinitta believes he's taking it all in his stride.

"He's not stressed out at all. He told me, 'I love being a dad. Sinitta, you're going to love him,'" she smiled.

"I think they'll bond well. He said Eric was very chilled, relaxed and peaceful and that he was enjoying being a father. He also said Eric's sleeping pretty much through the night."

She added that while Simon might not deal with the diapers, she believes he'll be getting involved with night feeds as he stays up late "anyway".