Ed Sheeran is ready to ditch his “sweet innocent” image.

The singer admits the first single from his new album is about an ex, and doesn’t hold back with how he feels about them.

Although Ed doesn’t actually name the mystery person, he is sure they will know who they are.

"I've always been the sweet, innocent, 'Oh my God, he's English!' kind of thing, so having a bit of bite, I don't know how that's going to go down, but based on the reaction of people that have heard it, I think it will go down just fine,” he told MTV News.

The musician goes on to explain that writing about personal experiences is simply part of the job. He thinks that if a person knowingly dates a songwriter, they shouldn’t be surprised to find themselves being written about.

"Naming and shaming, I'm not in the business of that. I can tell you one thing, it's not about who people think it's about; people won't be able to guess,” he added. “But the person who it's about will probably be aware. But when you're a songwriter, and if someone's dating you and they know you're a songwriter, if good things happen, good songs get written; if bad things happen, bad songs get written. That's just my job."

The song apparently has a lot of swearing in it, something Ed knew would be a problem when it came to the radio edit.
The singer tried to come up with alternatives so there would be a “clean” version of the yet-untitled track.

"I tried other words, I tried 'mess,' I tried 'funk,' lots of other things, but none of them worked," he laughed. "But I'm definitely giving radio an edit they can play, because I'd be mental not to."