Shakira says she was born dancing.

The Latin American singing star is well known for her sensual dance moves, and can currently be seen cavorting with Rihanna in the video for their song Can't Remember to Forget You.

Shakira says her love of movement is all thanks to her Colombian roots.

"I think that I've been dancing since the moment I was born. That's an exaggeration, of course, but I think it's such a cultural thing too. In Colombia, people dance. It's what you do," Shakira smiled to Women's Health magazine.

Shakira gave birth to her first child, son Milan, with her partner Gerard Piqué in January last year, and jokes that she didn't get much time off following the new arrival.

As well as her musical offerings, Shakira is a judge on the US version of The Voice, alongside Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Usher.

Shakira and Usher were originally judges on season four, but took season five off. They're both now back for the sixth series, which started last month.

"I didn't have a maternity leave. After I delivered my baby, I had to come to Los Angeles to do The Voice," she laughed.

"I had a great time working on The Voice. It was fun - quintessentially fun - and that's why I'm coming back. Hanging out with the guys, you know, they're tough cookies, I got to say, but it's a blast."

Since becoming a mom, 37-year-old Shakira has taken up more sports to keep fit, instead of just pushing herself in the gym.

She also follows a healthy eating regime to keep her famous curves looking good.

"I try to eat healthy and I try to exercise. Not only going to the gym, because sometimes I do get tired of working out, the gym, the treadmill, the stuff that all women dread.

"I recently decided to just do sports, because they're so much fun and they accomplish the same purpose, which is ultimately to keep you fit," she explained.