Aaron Paul used to sleep in a walk-in closet.

The 34-year-old actor found fame thanks to his role as Jesse Pinkman in award-winning TV show Breaking Bad. From this he has moved onto the silver screen, with his upcoming movies Need for Speed and Long Way Down.

Aaron is now in a comfortable position, but he admits it took him a long time to work his way up.

“I made a decision to move to LA at a very young age, I’d been saving up money since 12, 13 years old. I didn’t really come from any money whatsoever so every time I closed $6,000 I’d just pack up my 1982 [car] and just drive. The plan was just to act,” he told BBC Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans.

“I had five jobs I think at one point and so many ups and downs throughout the years where I was barely able to afford to buy meals. At one point I was living in a studio apartment with a roommate and one week I would have the bed and one week I would have the walk-in closet. We’d just switch, but it was 250 bucks a month each and people survive that way.”

Aaron spent around seven years on the set of the hit TV programme. Now it has come to an end after five series, the handsome star is overwhelmed by the effect it’s had on the public.

“Breaking Bad was like, you know, a big break for sure… I love walking in and I see this young man wearing [the] suit, he’s got the Heisenberg hat and glasses, the gas mask, I love you guys. It’s incredible,” he laughed.

“When I read the pilot of Breaking Bad, it was definitely the greatest thing that I’d ever read. I did not think that it was ever gonna make it to air, but when we were shooting we knew we were part of something special. We instantly became so unbelievably close. I love them so much and it’s very hard for all of us to kind of say goodbye to that chapter.”