Niall Horan reportedly had to change his number after being bombarded with saucy messages.

The Irish charmer's digits were allegedly leaked, leading to an onslaught of texts from frenzied One Direction fans.

Far from enjoying the attention, Niall is thought to have been annoyed by the incident and changed his phone as quickly as he could.

“Niall didn’t see the funny side of it," an insider told British newspaper Daily Star. “He wasn’t even remotely curious about the pictures because so many of his fans are teenage girls.

“It was a huge pain for him. He was forced to change his mobile number immediately.”

It's not known who leaked the number, but those close to him have speculated it may be a friend who was trying to be funny.

Although Niall often plays the role of prankster, this joke was a step too far for the 20-year-old singer.

“The initial guess was that one of his friends leaked it as a joke," the insider added.

“It’s not that Niall doesn’t have a sense of humour but he’s sensitive too.”

Niall is rumoured to have reignited his relationship with Hungarian model Barbara Palvin recently, after the pair were spotted at a music gig in London earlier this week.

Although Niall is yet to confirm the romance is back on, he probably doesn't want to be caught ogling other women.

The star didn't let the prank get him down though, and spent the evening with magician Dynamo to lift his sprits.

"Look who just rocked up to my house! @dynamomagician (sic)," Niall captioned next to a photo of the pair on Instagram.