Ellie Goulding appears to have a new tattoo.

The 27-year-old star posted a photo of herself on Instagram on Wednesday with what seemed to be ink peering out from beneath her shirt.

MTV News reports the black markings resemble three “swooping black birds” etched below her collarbone.

The outlet notes it’s the same tattoo Tris, the heroine in action film Divergent, gets to honour her family.

Ellie didn’t mention getting new ink in the caption for the image.

Instead, she wrote simply: “Plaits” as she showed off her hair braids and soft make-up.

The star does, however, have a deep connection to the film.

Ellie was tapped to work on the soundtrack, with her song Beating Heart among one of three featured.

"I basically got to go into the studio, and just be put in front of the microphone for a few hours and sing whatever I wanted to sing," Ellie previously told MTV about the freedom she felt working on the project.

"Not even words, noises and sounds, too."

Divergent director Neil Burger has had nothing but praise for the singer’s work. The filmmaker is thrilled with the emotional lyrics she conjured up and thinks the British singer was the perfect fit.

"[Ellie’s] lyrics almost merge with Tris' voice-over and her music lets the movie soar above the tragedy," he said. "The sadness is still there but so is the transcendence."

Divergent, which stars Kate Winslet and Shailene Woodley as ‘Tris’, is due for release in the US later on this month.