Despite selling millions of records, Alison Goldfrapp, one half of Electonika duo ‘Goldfrapp’, can happily walk down the street without getting recognised.

The 47 year spoke to Absolute Radio’s Pete Mitchell for an exclusive chat and also revealed a rather ‘revealing’ situation involving a hospital gown following a serious back injury which inspired the song A&E on her fourth album ‘Seventh Tree’.

Alison is currently promoting her 30 minute special film Tales of Us - co-created by herself and Nowhere Boy's Lisa Gunning.

Alison won’t be seen falling out of a nightclub, making television appearances or presenting awards at the Brits. Fame isn’t something she’s interested in

Alison said: “No, I don’t get asked to do things like that, there is probably a reason for that. I just never really courted that attention. I suppose I’m not very famous, I just haven’t really been famous enough which I’m very pleased about. I’m not interested in that stuff. No-one ever recognises me when I walk down the street”

Hospital gown revelations

Alison remembers her hospital experience which inspired the song A&E “I was having a hard time emotionally, the back went, it absolutely was excruciating, so in hospital I was just stood there in one of those gowns with your arse showing, and very medicated, waiting for attention from doctors. It was very surreal, it was one of those moments that really stuck in my head because it was such a strange time.”

Tales of Us – Alison’s latest Project

Alison talks about her latest project Tales of Us “They are five short films, which sort of culminate in a 30 minute piece if you like. There is no dialogue, so each film is to one of the songs from the album. And they are gorgeous and lovely. Directed by Lisa Gunning who is my partner. It has taken a lot of time, it is a real love of labour, we had hardly any budget at all, it was amazing we even managed to make one film let alone five. A lot of favours and people lending us equipment, and a lot of generosity involved and people really wanting to be involved, just because they liked the sound of the project.”