Pharrell “loves” Miley Cyrus.

The Happy hitmaker worked with the Wrecking Ball singer on a song for his new album, G I R L.

While Miley has sparked a storm of controversy for her racy lyrics and onstage antics, Pharrell is convinced she was destined to be a star.

“I love Miley man,” he told Ryan Seacrest on his US radio show.

“I’ll never forget talking to you like a year or two years ago telling you like, she’s on her way.”

Pharrell also says critics should give the 21-year-old singer a break, insisting it’s a natural progression for her to grow up and change from her Disney days.

“Everyone thinks that she’s Hannah Montana and that’s a really thin slice of her personality, there’s so much more there," he said.

“And you know the saying still goes, there’s so much more to her and when you guys see where she’s headed next and what she’s up to you’ll get more of the breadth of what she can do.”

Miley appears on the track Come Get It Bae from Pharrell’s new album. He also said he loved working with such a creative star.

“It was a pleasure having her on the record,” he said.

Pharrell is meanwhile coming down from his high-octane performance at Sunday night’s Academy Awards.

Oscar-winners Lupita Nyong’o and Meryl Streep were among those who got up from their seats to boogie with the singer, who says that moment was a “highlight” of his life.

He gushed of Meryl: “I love her man, I’ve always loved her. So that was awesome man, to get a chance to do that… it was awesome!”