Staying true to the concept of surprise, PIXIES released a brand new music video overnight to accompany the song “Greens and Blues” from the band’s EP-2, released on January 3.

The “Greens and Blues” video was written and directed by Josh Frank, who authored the book “Fool The World, the Oral History of the Band Called Pixies,” and “In Heaven Everything is Fine…The Unsolved Life of Peter Ivers.” Mel Rodriguez (“Panic Room,” “Little Miss Sunshine,” “The New Normal”) stars as the last remaining man on a lonely planet, left behind to wander the desolate landscape marking his time and documenting the history of a once great civilization on its corroding walls and on his decaying mind, waiting for “them” to return.

Inspired by the suggestion EP-2 producer Gil Norton gave the band when recording this new music - to think of themselves as a band that has been away from earth for 20 years and then returned - ‘what would Pixies music sound like?’ - Josh Frank explained: “I chose ‘Greens and Blues’ specifically because it touched me and spoke to me, from the moment I first heard it. It had that power and emotion I remember from when I heard Bossanova for the first time in high school, that immediate connection, that very personal moment with a band you love where the song feels like it is speaking just to you. ‘Greens and Blues’ also feels important, iconic, and timeless like all great Pixies songs."

About the song, Pixies Black Francis said, “We had done ‘Gigantic’ as the closer of our live set for many years at our reunion shows and it worked really well. But I could see that we were going to grow weary of that and I felt we needed a ‘better’ ‘Gigantic.’ ‘Greens and Blues’ was my attempt to come up with another song that would - musically, emotionally and physiologically - sit in the same place that ‘Gigantic’ has. Not as a replacement, but as a song that could fill the emotional niche that ‘Gigantic’ occupied.”

The band heads to South America at the end of March for a handful of major festivals that will include Lollapalooza Chile, Lollapalooza Argentina, and Lollapalooza Brazil. Upcoming confirmed Pixies dates are as follows:

28 Teatro La Cupula, Santiago, Chile
30 Lollapalooza, Santiago, Chile
1 Rock’n’Fall, Montevideo, Uruguay
1/2 Lollapalooza Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina
4 Festival Estereo Picnic, Bogota Colombia
6 Lollapalooza Brazil, Sao Paulo, Brazil
8 Costa Verde, Lima, Peru
29/31 Primavera Sound, Barcelona, Spain
2 Rock In Idro, Bologna, Italy
4 Caribana Festival, Crans-Pres Celigny, Switzerland
5/7 Primavera Sound, Porto, Portugal
8 Field Day, Victoria Park, London, UK
13 Orange Festival, Warsaw, Poland
15 Northside, Arhus, Denmark
17/18 Bloomfield Stadium, Tel Aviv, Israel
20 Best Kept Secret, Hilvarenbeek, Holland
20/22 Hurricane, Schessel, Germany
20/22 Southside, Neuhausen, Germany
25 Inmusic, Zagreb, Croatia
29 Marley Park, Dublin, Ireland (with Arcade Fire)
30 Live at the Marquee, Cork, Ireland
2 Nuits De Fourviere, Lyon, France
5 Rock Werchter, Werchter, Belgium
6 Beauregard, Herouville-St. Clair, France
10 Castlefield Bowl, Manchester, UK
11/13 T In the Park, Balado, Kinross-Shire, Scotland
16/17 Summer Sonic, Tokyo/Osaka, Japan